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9 Smart TV apps to check out for the 2012 Olympic Games!

9 Smart TV apps to check out for the 2012 Olympic Games!

Unread postby Jerry Watkins on Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:29 pm

The 2012 Olympics will truly be the first fully connected Olympics. You have NBC Universal's 5,535 hours of Coverage with 242 hours of 3D Footage to the BBC’s outstanding coverage. This year Fans across the Globe will enjoy the Games On Regular TV’s, Smart TV’s, 3D TV’s Mobile phones, Tablets, and Home Computers. The ever Increasing convergence of Social Media with also play a Huge roll for Fans this year as well.
For Smart TV owners or potential buyers it’s still pretty hard to Navigate through the Options available to enjoy the Games on the couch. So I’ve attempted to put together a List of the Options available to Smart TV users during the 2012 Olympics. Smart TV App
To the best of my knowledge this App when it comes to Connected TV’s is exclusive to Samsung. What it does is allows the viewer to enjoy
12 live signals of the games in action. You can also check out the complete schedule of the Olympic Games and watch Featured Videos like medal winners.
Image A La Carte

If you don’t have a Samsung Smart TV you can view Olympic summaries, with interviews and featured content from the application of A la carte, available on LG TVs, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, as well as the PS3, ONO Tivo, and Xbox Live. The A La Carte Application of also boasts live games with multiple signals.

Philips TV owners can use the TPVISION app to check out event news including medal tables, schedule and a full list of events and results. TPVISION says it will include interesting info about the games themselves, including a history of the games, news for tourists such as infrastructure as well as info on the Olympic venues and Infographics on some of the Olympic disciplines.

The Terra Olympics service, developed by Accedo
Available to Latin viewers in Spanish
Viewers who own a Samsung, LG, and Philips Connected TV Can get the Terra Olympic service app which includes up to twenty channels, offering live coverage of the Olympics.
Lilian Viana, Innovation Manager, Terra. Said:
"Our priority was to deliver an innovative and appealing service to our customers, bringing up-to-the-minute content from the Olympics, both live and on-demand,"
The App in addition to providing 20 Live channels to watch the games on will include VOD in case you missed any of the games. One of the great features of the Olympic service is Accedo’s Social Integration Toolkit, allowing users to interact socially with the application with Facebook and Twitter directly on their Smart TV.

Beyond Gold Olympics app
If you have a Sony, Vizio, Samsung or Toshiba you’re in for a treat. Possibly the best option for Smart Tv users in the US for updates is the Beyond Gold Olympics app. Yahoo brings this onscreen companion app for connected TVs built on its widgets. Yahoo's Beyond Gold Olympics app is built into HDTVs from several manufacturers. It gives users access to Yahoo Sports coverage with video, news and analysis including daily updates on the games and a real-time medal count. On top of all of that it has a very clean looking interface.

BBC Sport App
Samsung's Smart TVs for UK residents.
At times the BBC sport app will show 24 different screens showcasing Sports at covering every venue at the 2012 Olympics. You will be able to watch coverage from BBC One, BBC Three plus those 24 live simultaneous streams. The BBC sport app is also available online through a your PC, Mobile device, or tablet as well as Smart TV’s.

BBC IPlayer
For those in the UK that don’t have a Samsung (It is available for the Samsung aswell) there is the BBC Iplayer available on:
Smart T’vs and set top box’s.
live TV streaming and a catch-up service for the last seven days of BBC TV Including the 2012 Olympics

BBC Red Button
The majority of cable and satellite viewers In the UK will be able to access the 24 channels on their provider’s platform through the BBC Red Button. Including Virgin Media TiVo and Freesat for audiences with Freeview and BT Vision they wil also gain access to Red Button.

"Alongside our sport offering, our news services will be providing impartial news coverage on all the big Olympic stories." From The

BuddyTV Guide
Smart TV owners with:
AT&T U-verse receivers, DirecTV DVRs, Sony Internet TV with Google TV, Logitech Revue, TiVo Series 3, TiVo Premier, and any devices controlled by Google TV and Samsung Smart TVs. Just about all Smart TV owners will definitely want to take advantage of the Social TV app Buddy TV Guides remote control capabilities. The company provides listings for cable and satellite TV providers in the US, including Comcast, Cablevision, Time Warner, Verizon, DirecTV, Dish and more can benefit from this apps programming listing. The newest version of this app includes a quick list feature that allows Olympic viewers in the US to quickly and easily find the events they want to watch. The app also lets you share your favorite events with Facebook and send text messages about the event to your friends.

If I missed any thing you think would e helpful to other readers feel free to login and post a link sharing is caring!
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